Dance Camp Party


The dance camp party “Tanzkultur Swingin’ Fifties” will take place on Saturday evening (02/05/2020 from 06:30 PM, in the cafeteria of the school building) again with live band. For the first time the band „Die falschen Fuffziger“ from Kassel will play.

The band says about itself:
We are a good mood spreading rock ‘n’ roll band with a classical line-up that lives on stage the full range of the musical landscape of the late 1950s. We play everything from classic rock ‘n’ roll to rockabilly to boogie woogie.
And everything danceable!
We are committed to that, because this music is dance music, even if this term is often used derogatory. We have fun when you dance, but of course also when you let your foot bob in time (if no one is looking).
And you will have fun with us. Promised!

Tickets for the party can also be ordered via the registration platform.

Party prices for dance camp paticipants:

  • with buffet and seated places 23,- € (entry 06:30 PM)
  • without buffet, with seated places 11,- € (entry 08:30 PM)
  • without buffet 8,- € (entry 08:30 PM)

Party prices without dance camp paticipation:

  • with buffet and seated places 25,- € (entry 06:30 PM)
  • without buffet, with seated places 15,- € (entry 08:30 PM)
  • without buffet 9,- € (entry 08:30 PM)

Show-Battle and Boogie Woogie Competition

As a part of the party we want to start the “Show Battle” and the “Boogie Woogie Competition” again.

The “Show Battle” will be challenged by the four trainer/instructor couples with their groups, to whom they teached a small show / dance routine in the last training lesson before the party. The performances are rated by the audience according to their liking – the strongest applause counts. The winning group and their trainers/instructors will receive a small gift as a prize.

All present couples can take part in the “Boogie Woogie Competition ” – regardless of whether they have participated in the dance camp or not. Depending on the number of participating couples, the first step is to knock out against each other in knockout rounds. The final round will be contested with a maximum of four couples and will be punched out in the so-called “spotlight” process. The couples present themselves one after the other – each over the same length of time or the same number of bars.
Here too, the winning couples receive a small gift. The first place will win also a free participation in the next “Boogie & Swing Dance Camp”.

If you want to register for the “Boogie Woogie Competition ” before the start of the dance camp, you can also do this via the registration platform. Otherwise, participation is also possible at short notice (at least 30 minutes before the start of the competition).

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