Training Groups/Levels

The levels are clearly described and you have to align for them!

Nevertheless, as always, you have the opportunity to register separately for individual training lessons! This applies not only to the times listed as “lesson” in the timetable, but also to the “special lessons” partially held in parallel. Eexception: the special lesson “Making a show” for the show-battle in the evening at the party, which you can choose freely at that day (depending on your level).

On the registration platform (see link under “Registration”), please first make a general statement in which level you see yourself personally. This level is mandatory and should cause us to classify you in terms of performance. The levels are structured as follows:

Level 2:
Couples with safe Boogie-basic-steps and safe Boogie-basic. In Boogie-dancing you are currently hobby-/party-dancers.

Level 3:
Couples that master several basic-step-variants (for example, 4-, 6-, 8-, 9-steps) and have a large repertoire of figures. In addition to regular party visits you might also intend to dance shows or even competitions. In this level you should be safe in dancing to songs with about 46 bars per minute.

Level 4 – Show and competition (aspirant) level
Couples who have stage- and/or competition-experience or intend to go into competitions. You like to “screw” on your presentation, the charisma and your intensified course and also master songs beyond 50 bars per minute.

We would like to point out once again that there is currently no beginner level 1 within the framework of the dance camp! Participants in the dance camp must at least master the basics of Boogie Woogie!
However, you can book and take part at a Boogie Woogie beginner workshop on May 1st and 2nd through the additional offer.
More information are available here!

When registering on registration platform, you have to choose your first and second choice for your training lessons at each trainingtime (see colored lessons). If participation in a first-choice-lesson is no longer possible (maybe the group is already full), you will automatically be registered in your second-choice-lesson. If this group is full as well, we will contact you again.
This means: when you register quickly, you will have the best chance to get your choice-lessons. The Boogie-lessons will have a maximum number of 20 couples – in the special lessons, the number can be even higher.

At registration it is still necessary that you pay attention to the level description when you choose your first and second choices! Please assess yourself and consider for yourself whether your second choice
can be sometimes a level above or below. Depending on the content of the lessons, the transitions maybe can be “flowing”.


Training Contents / Schedule

Please take the training contents from the schedule.
Please note that this schedule is provisionally – the contents may possibly change again (even at short notice).

The level-crossing units, the “special lessons” (marked yellow in the timetable), are planned as alternative offer also as “choice units” and have to be indicated online in advance (exception: “Making a show”) when registering.


You have to register for “Boogie & Swing Dance Camp 2020” via internet and it has to be done individually for each couple!

Use the following link:

Registration Platform

Unfortunately we have not yet had the opportunity to create the registration platform in English. Here we describe and translate the registration platform:

Please note: The following informations have to be provided at least:

  • first name, name (also enter the first name/name of your dance partner there)
  • Mail Address
  • (Dance)Club (where you dance)
  • whether your club belongs to the Nordrhein-Westfälischen Rock ‘n’ Roll-Verband (NWRRV) – you can check it here:
  • Phone number
  • Street, house number
  • Postcode / town
  • whether you want to attend the dance camp on both days or only on Saturday or Sunday

The following things can also be “ordered”:

  • Meals (lunch) – If you want to attend the lunches at the dance camp, you have to book in advance!
  • Overnight stay in the gym with breakfast
  • Admission to the party (with/without buffet – with/without seated places)

Registration ends on 19/04/2020!

Registrations made after this date can not be considered!


After registration, all dates will be checked by the dance camp management. We also check whether your first/second choice can be realized.

Only after this processing/examination and after receipt of the due total amount on the account of the TSG Niederrhein, a confirmation of the registration respectively a confirmation of participation takes place.

Dance Camp-Prices

We grant an early bird discount!
This is valid until 29/02/2020!

Participation Fees
(per person)
Members of NWRRVNon-Members of NWRRV
Eary Bird Price
(until 14/02/2020)
60,- € 80,- €
Normal Price
(from the 15/02/2020)
70.- € 90,- €
(only Saturday or Sunday)
45,- € 55,- €

The One-Day-Prices apply to those couples who decide to attend only on Saturday or Sunday only.

Account details for registration:
Kontoinhalber:          TSG Niederrhein e.V.
Bank:                           Volksbank Niederrhein
IBAN:                           DE53 3546 1106 1022 8600 18
BIC:                             GENODED1NRH


The Dance camp check-in is on Saturday morning (02/05/2020) from 08:15 to 09:00 AM in the new cafeteria building of the school center Landwehr (access via the address Landwehr 1, Xanten). There will take place the participation registration by signatures in participation lists. Afterwards the welcoming will take place in the Sporthalle (Gym) Landwehr. There you will receive the latest informations about the dance camp.

All informations about the Dance Camp:

Our Trainers/Instructors For The Dance Camp
Dance Camp Party
More Important Informations
Additional Offers

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