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Mari Munne & Juho Päivinen (FIN)

Mari and Juho from Finland have been dancing for over 15 years and their career as a Boogie couple started about seven years ago.

Prior to Boogie Woogie, Juho did linedancing and west coast swing, Mari did latin and standard dancing. You may know them from their very unique style in competition costumes and figures. They love to take ideas from other dances, make them their own and bring them to Boogie. The best thing about Boogie for them is the chance to express themselves and to connect with the dancepartner and the music. They show that above all in their competitions.

Their biggest achievements in competitions are: World Championship silver and World Cup overall win 2018 and 2019. 

Wilma & Viktor Edlund (SWE)

The Edlund siblings started dancing at the young age of seven (Viktor) and six (Wilma) with swedish bugg. At a small dance camp in Luleå they came across Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie and got stuck. They learnt it mainly by watching videos on the computer. Today they are part of the Swedish National team in both Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop with a long and impressive resultlist. They have widened their horizons by attending a dance gymnasium where they´ve studied jazz, modern dancing, ballet and choreography. Together they travel around the world dancing. Both Viktor and Wilma have participated in various shows.

They love teaching, socialdancing, performing and competing. They believe that the social scene is equally important as the competition scene and that both parts are important on the way of becoming a good Swing-dancer. Dancing is their passion! Together they want to spread the joy of dancing around the world. In their expression dancing is like an inofficall peace movement. It unites, gives new friends and lifts spirits like nothing else!

Theresa Sommerkamp & Elian Preuhs (GER)

Theresa and Elian have been dancing Boogie Woogie competitions together for over 10 years and are therefore – despite their young age – one of the most experienced active German Boogie Woogie competition couples. During this time they were able to win four times the German Championships, twice the European Championships, they once won the silver medal and once the gold medal in the world Championships at the Boogie Juniors. Since 2018 they dance in the Boogie Main Class and have already booked international finals there – and this year they have also become German champions in Main Class for the first time.

They now teach at various dance camps, as well as in clubs and dance schools, such as the Wolfgang Steuer dance school (Munich). Theresa and Elian have been dancing shows all over Germany, for example in the Deutsches Theater (Munich), in the Bayerischer Hof (Munich), at the Dance Stars Gala (Düsseldorf), or for the Frieling dance school, etc. Their lessons are always under the slogan: “Dancing is fun” and so they try to convey the beautiful dance style of the 50s with joy and wit. In this sense “Music on – we rock”!

Sabine & Marco Rissmann (GER)

Marco and Sabine have been in the “Boogie Woogie business” for a long time. You could also say that they are something like Boogie Woogie institution! In their hometown Berlin they are the figurehead of the local scene and so it doesn’t wonder that they become multiple Berlin masters at the time when they were still dancing in the main class. Nationally they regularly took top 10 places at the time – including a 4th place at the 2002 German Championship.

After a break of several years, they have been back on the competition floor since 2013 and, with very convincing performances in the senior class, were also able to convince the national coaches to be used internationally again. Here too top 10 places at the World Masters are among their successes. Nationally, Marco and Sabine were 3rd in the German Championship and 2nd in the German Grand Prix in 2019. Internationally, they placed 6th at the 2019 World Championship .

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